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Budweiser Budvar Cvikl at Bokovka

Every beer tastes its best while still in the cellars of the brewery, without the deteriorating effects of heat, light, movement or oxygen. Outside the brewery this fresh taste can only be achieved if the beer is unfiltered and thus not deprived of its yeast. Budweiser Budvar Cvikl retains its full, fresh and slightly-bitter taste thanks to the fresh yeast added before barrelling. The yeast causes the characteristic matte haziness of unfiltered beer and no other ingredients such as pectin are added.
Drinking unfiltered beer directly from the barrel has always been a part of the brewing tradition. Just pull out the beech wedge called “cvikl” and the freshest beer pours out. The extra portion of yeast gives it more of a fresh beer taste.
Now you can also try this extraordinary beer at Bokovka.