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At Bokovka we prepare fresh specialities for you every day in the early evening. You can enjoy fresh Bavarian pork knuckle, roast chicken and roasted piglet – genuine specialities that you won’t find everywhere in Bratislava.
Our Bavarian roast pork knuckles are served with mustard, pickles, horseradish, chilli peppers and fresh bread. They go perfectly with beer.
At Bokovka restaurant we are passionate about local ingredients so we only offer you roast chicken sourced from a nearby Slovak farm. You can order a quarter or a half chicken or an entire chicken just roasted in our oven that has been marinated in our special marinade. We serve our roast chicken with coleslaw and a side dish of your choice.
But if you are seeking something really special, we suggest roast piglet. Our young piglets are only milk-fed. This is an original specialty of Spanish cuisine with a long tradition. Roast piglet is prepared primarily at special occasions or family events in Spain. Our piglets are of Spanish origin – they come from the areas of Zaragoza, Huesca and Lérida. The meat from these piglets is of highest quality, soft and tender. We roast the piglets in our oven until crisp and it is your choice whether you order only a portion or a half of piglet, or even the whole piglet for a larger group. We serve the piglet with sour vegetables, mustard and freshly grated horseradish.